Anwar Maqsood’s satire “Naach Na Janay” all set to dazzle the audience


Anwar Maqsood and Dawar Mehmood’s latest theater production, “Naach Na Jaanay,” which is a prequel to “Aangan Terha,” a classic TV drama from the golden era of Pakistan Television (PTV) is heading to Islamabad. The first show is scheduled for July 24 while the play will run till August 11.

Anwar Maqsood in a recent interview said, “The name of the play, Naach Na Jaanay, reflects the idea that a person who doesn’t know how to rule has been blessed to rule the country.” He was referring to the current Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As such it will be a social as well as a political satire on the state of Pakistani society, which happens to have pinned all hopes on its Prime Minister, in this case Imran Khan.

The set of Nach na Jaanay is the eighties era. It follows the life of Akbar, a former classical dancer who is employed at Mehboob and Jahan Ara’s home after dance academies are shut down. He keeps reminding them of his unpaid salary, worth Rs 30,615, his passion and how underappreciated he feels working for them.

How the play unfolds, is anyone’s guess. But given the reputation of Its creators, Anwar Maqsood and Dawar Mahmood, we can safely bet that it will be a remarkable show, one that the Pakistani audience have been waiting for a long time.