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Toxic Propaganda created just before PM’s visit to US


While the preparations are in full swing for the upcoming visit of Pakistan’s Prime Minster Imran Khan to the US where he will meet the President Donald Trump and other members of his team, certain suspicious developments have taken place. The timing of these developments, just 4 days before the visit is a cause for concern.

In a first development, a video has circulated on social media where an elderly member of the Ahmadiya community, identified as Abdul Shakoor, 80, is seen pouring his grievances in front of the President Trump at his desk. In the video, he tells the President that the government of Pakistan has not only declared his community as non-Muslims but have also burnt down their houses, shops and even put them in prison on false charges.

It is for the first time that any minority community member has been allowed to pour out his heart to the president while he is at his desk. This has not even happened with North Korea, Venezuela or even Iran, for that matter.

In a second development, Pashtun Thaffuz Movement (PTM) is organizing a protest rally in front of the White House in Washington on the exact date the PM is going to visit the US. The protest is titled, “Protest against Pakistan’s barbarism on Pashtuns.”

Both these developments seem to be well coordinated moves as part of a brewing toxic propaganda to give the US a higher ground in any discussion that will take place. It should be noted that the Pakistan delegation will include the Prime Minister as well as the Army Chief. It is quite likely that these tactics are being employed to put an indirect pressure on them and have an advantageous position in talks. Also, the projection that it will create will portray Pakistani delegation in a negative light. People who are behind this propaganda campaign do not want the two governments to have good relations with each other.

The U.S. state owned VOA Deewa is also playing a very negative role in this whole scenario, creating misunderstandings & fueling the tensions rather than helping to promote friendship and optimism.