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Pakistani expats in Dubai make the country proud


DUBAI: Yet again two Pakistani ‘heroes’ made their country proud in Dubai, UAE.

The Pakistan Consulate in Dubai on Wednesday hailed the duo, one a cleaner and other a taxi driver as Pakistan’s ‘heroes’ for their remarkable commitment to honesty.

Taher Ali

Taher Ali 27, who belongs to Chakri, Sialkot who works as a cleaner for ServeU found a bag full of Gold at a parking facility in Al Sabkha area. Without giving it a second thought, he informed the security guard of the facility and handed over the bag to him. The gold was found to be weighing 15 kg and worth Dh 7 mn.

“My father taught me honesty, truth, compassion and how to care for people. I don’t want anything that doesn’t belong to me. I am happy that I made my country proud.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority rewarded him with Dh3,000 and his employer gave him Dh4,000 as a token of appreciation.

Shafaqat Khan

Another expat Shafaqat Khan, 24, who hails from Khanewal district has been working as a taxi driver for the last two years. He returned a bag carrying $ 21000 cash to a European family who had forgotten their belongings when being dropped of at a hotel. Shafaqat, who was unaware of the bag before he was about to call it a day. On finding the bag out he rushed to the police station to return the bag. The police immediately rewarded him with a mobile phone for his honesty.

He also received a reward of Dh1,000 from his employer.

Shafaqat said with a broad smile, “I would never steal anything. God has given me enough.”

Pakistan’s consul general, Ahmed Amjad Ali, honoured them with certificates and trophies in front of a packed audience.  He said, “They are our real heroes who have made Pakistan proud by their ethical conduct, honesty and good behavior. There are many Pakistani nationals like them who have made our country proud. I am sure what we are doing today will continue.”