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A female student moves high court against an immoral professor


PESHAWAR: A female student at the Peshawar University has moved High Court of Peshawar against a professor she claims demanded immoral favor in exchange for giving her passing marks in a subject. She claims that she has been failed repeatedly in that subject despite the fact that she got excellent grades in other subjects.

She wants the court to examine her answer sheets and verify the basis for her failure. According to the student, there can’t be any reason she is being failed time and again except for the fact that she denied the professor’s demand.

She also said that she would leave further studies if the court doesn’t proceed to investigate the issue.

During the proceedings of the court, Justice Ikramullah Khan said that the court has issued orders for checking the answer sheets and the matter will be fully investigated. The court will follow up on the case in the next sitting on August 11.

It is reported that cases where the female students allege their professors demanding unforeseen favors has increased over the recent years. In the last two months, 3 students from a university in Lahore, a student from Multan and another from Karachi reported similar incidences. Such matters come to the fore but are rarely concluded in a proper manner. One of the students approached the FIA expecting immediate justice but the case has had no progress so far.

The case of Peshawar student will prove to be a real test case for progress in such matters.

Although the onus of responsibility lies on the university administration to investigate the matter fully before a student has to move the authorities, it is quite disturbing to note a drastic rise in such cases.