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Maryam Nawaz mocks PML-N on twitter


Maryam Nawaz just made a laughing stock out of herself on twitter when she called her own party ‘incompetent’ and ‘incapable’, words she thought she was using for the current PTI government.

This happened today when she shared the World Bank’s report titled ‘Pakistan budget has lost its credibility’ without reading its contents on her twitter handle and added the remarks (trasnlated from Urdu), “The real performance of an incompetent and incapable government.’ Had she read the contents she wouldn’t have posted as such. The contents pertained to abysmal performance of the government for the period 2015-18, when PML-N, the party she co-chairs was in power. She must have thought that the report was targeted at the current government.

This faux pas was not to be missed by Pakistani twitter users, who found something just worthwhile to vent out their heartfelt feelings, showering her account with one of the most memorable comments and memes.

Even Veena Malik came out with a remarkable pun.

While Maryam Nawaz must have been busy removing her tweet, the #NaniAmmaExposesPMLN became the top trends in Pakistan for at least the 4 hours the tweet remained unchanged.

It gave ample fodder for the PTI fans, who didn’t waste a second to jump on the trend.

Other twitteratis had a field day to enjoy.

Considered to be tech savvy, the twitter faux pas by Maryam Nawaz was eventually removed after 4 long hours of fun and poking. The PML-N co-chairperson has just had a lesson to be learnt for a lifetime.