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The ethical standing of opposition in ‘no confidence motion’ against Sanjrani


Politics is the art of the probabilities where ends justify the means. Well, all’s well if one’s ends are won and the vice versa if one’s motives are nullified. Following the victory of Sadiq Sanjrani as the senate chairman, National Party chief, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo went melodramatic terming Sanjrani’s elevation to the position of chairman senate as a result of political engineering. Addressing the house following the election of the chairman and deputy chairman, the NP leader lambasted, saying: “The parliament has been completely defeated. Those supreme forces have won and have shown that they can make the Parliament a market,” he said, adding: “Today I am ashamed to sit here.” Perhaps it was clash of interests which evoked him to speak harsh but now he is the aspirant of the chairmanship of the very house where he was ashamed to sit after his nomination by opposition parties’ Rehbar committee. Those well aware with the tricky politics in Pakistan really wonder if Hasil Bizenjo can rise to the position of chairman senate replacing Sadiq Sanjrani with fair play…!

The motives of opposition are very clear behind this dirty politics and even the common lot know that all they desire is ‘relaxation’ or ‘a good deal’ for their under trial and imprisoned party big wigs convicted by NAB under the charges of corruption and misuse of authority otherwise the rehearsal of the removal of senate chairman should have been done long ago. May be this is the last blackmailing stunt of the opposition after failure of other tactics. Apparently, the senate drama aims at serving as smoke screen for better negotiations with the government otherwise, in the arena of ruthless politics of Pakistan high moral standards are hardly observed. Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani who is the 8th and current Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan took his oath of office as Member and Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan on 12 March 2018. He is the youngest and first ever Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan who hails from the province of Balochistan. Sanjrani began his political career in 1998 as coordinator of the team of then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif where he served until 1999 Pakistani coup d’état. In 2008, he was appointed in-charge of the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani Complaint Cell at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat where he remained for five years. During the tenure of Sanaullah Khan Zehri as Chief Minister of Balochistan, Sanjrani remained as his special assistant. Since he has been working with different political parties on various positions it is very unfortunate to tarnish his image for some vicious designs. The reelection of chairman senate will not strengthen the parliament but definitely would end up with parliamentary chaos.

The political career of Sadiq Sanjrani is devoid of any malpractices and so far as no scandal has been to the limelight till date. He has been found as dedicated political worker always put to strive in his best for the well being of common people and for the cause of Balochistan. Mr Sanjrani is uncontroversial political figure having working relationship with different political parties and his Balochistan domicile merited him to eventually assume as chairman senate beside all odds. In comparison with Mir Hasil Bizenjo he has strong ethical footing in the domestic politics and deserves to continue in his current portfolio as the senate incumbent and chairman.

Whereas the people may not be well aware of the dark profile of Mir Hasil Bazinjo who is son of late Mir Ghous Bux Bazinjo (ex Governor Balochistan and MNA) who hails from Teh Naal of District Khuzdar. He started his political career from from the left wing DSF (Democratic

Student Federation ) in 1970s; founded on 13 January 1951 in Karachi by students (communist minded) of Dow medical college. Initially he was against his father’s politics who being a prominent Baloch politician was a key signatory to Pakistan’s Third constitution. Mir Ghous Bux was a Nationalist leader known for his peaceful struggle to attain Baloch people’s rights within the framework of Pakistan. After the demise of Ghous Bux Bizenjo, he had been elected MNA for twice from 1990 to 1992 and from 1997 to 1999. He became the senior Vice president of National party from 2007 to present. Hasil Khan was elected as a member of senate during the senate elections of 2015. His tenure ends in March 2021. He founded Balochistan National Democratic Party, which later in 2003 merged with Baloch National Movement and as the result of this merger National Party was founded; he went onto becoming the president of National Party.

The opposition has nominated rather a more controversial person for the chairman senate as there are number of questions at his integrity and honesty. Most of the readers may not be aware of the true face of Mir Hasil Bizenjo who thrived disguising under Baloch rights and nationalism. It has been founded that Mir Hasil khan took 5 lacs from infamous Habib bank scandal to form IJI ( Islami Jamhori Itehad). His name is included in the famous Asghar Khan case in apex Court. Mir Hasil Bazinjo remained minister of Shipping & Ports in 2015 and indulged in huge financial corruption in KPT (Karachi Port Trust), a federal government agency under the administrative control of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs which is being probed. NAB has issued notices to Mr Bizinjo for misuse of authority, embezzlement in development funds and accumulation of assets beyond means while investigations are being carried out against the properties of his 14 family members.

Despite being on key positions for a long period his own constituency is in a worst condition and deprived of all basic amenities i.e communication links, Hospitals and education facilities whereas on the other hand his family wealth has increased manifold. It has been learnt that he and his close family members own a number of marble factories, agriculture lands and vast business conglomerates. Moreover, Mr. Bizenjo is chronic addict of alcohol and does not manage himself after drinking. Fida Mohammad Dashti (ex dist Chairman of Turbat) is one of his close aide who manages, brings and cleans him from washroom after drinking. It has been further discovered that he is atheist minded & and fond of womanizing. His cousin Sardar Aslam Bazinjo’s son is also a prominent businessman of area and is reportedly involved in drug smuggling from border areas to Karachi.

He is contradictory to his father’s ideology who was a man of principles and did not indulge in malpractices maintaining high ethical and moral standards while Hasil Bizenjo always remained anti state under patronage of hostile intelligence agencies’ agenda to malign armed forces. It will be very unfortunate to hold up such a person with notorious reputation for the chairmanship of the senate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Owing to the dissection in opposition lines there are more prospects of failure of the expedition of no confidence motion against the current chairman of the senate as he was unanimously elected by the then members of both ruling and opposition parties. The practice of ‘no confidence motion’ of the chairman senate is stirring for the first time in the history of the upper house which is very undemocratic in its true sense. Parliamentary system should not be weakened for personal gains because once this trend is

settled; it will continue to be put into practice in the future thus casting a shadow on the democratic norms and values.

written by: Masroor Ahmad