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Mahira Khan should learn from veteran artist Firdous Jamal


Veteran actor Firdous Jamal’s comments in a morning show regarding Mahira Khan have landed him in a smear campaign that is way below his stature.

In an interview in a morning show a few days ago, Firdous Jamal, when asked about his views on the drama ‘Raees’ fame actress, Mahira Khan, he had replied that she is a talented actress of international fame, who should also focus on playing roles that fit her age rather than focusing only on playing the role of a heroine. He added she is only limiting herself to mediocre roles. Mahira’s fans and supporters blew the context of his comments out of proportion, terming It ‘ageist’ and gender biased and raised an uncalled for commotion on social media.

Yesterday, Momina Duraid, a senior producer, creative head of Hum TV and CEO of her own production company MD Productions announced that her production house will not be working with Firdous Jamal henceforth. She termed Jamal’s comments regressive.

Today, fans and supporters of Firdos Jamal initiated a top trending hashtag #supportfirdousjamal on twitter to pay great tribute to the veteran actor, recalling his achievements for the entertainment industry of Pakistan. So far the trend has been received passionately as people are floking to twitter and showing world the giant of character that Firdos Jamal is compared to Mahira Khan.

Firdos Jamal, a recipient of Pride of Performance Award (1986), 4 times PTV’s best drama actor award, 5 times best drama artist award, Voice of Millenium Award (2001) and 6 times best Theatre artist award. He has dedicated 45 years to theatre, dram and film genre and has emerged as a versatile actor. There is not an act that he has not perfected and there isn’t any role he hasn’t played. Both on the screen and off the screen he continues to carry the poise and dignity of an acclaimed artist.

Firdos Jamal’s experience and versatility gives him every right to show proper light on any upcoming artist including Mahira Khan. When the actor and model Feroz Khan joined in to support the accomplished actor, it reminded the world that not every young artist supports Mahira Khan. They realize that they need to learn from Firdos Jamal rather than tag along to a media infused frenzy against him.

As is common with every field, an amateur cannot grow unless he acknowledges the achievements of the seniors, the same applies to the entertainment industry. Without their genuine guidance, irrespective of the social media fame, newbies cannot achieve the dream that they dream of.