Russia, India joint war games scheduled for December 2019


MOSCOW: Joint War games between Russian troops and the Indian army are scheduled for December 2019 in Southeast India. At least 300 Russian troops are expected to join the drills, titled ‘Indra-2019’.

According to Russian Army statement, The Russian and Indian armed forces will practice destroying militant groups during a joint military exercise. The statement read, “The ground forces group plans to work out several missions: reconnaissance and search operations, neutralization of leaders of simulated rebel movements, and an airborne assault.”

The combined force will block an area taken by the manoeuvre enemy, securing humanitarian routes and will neutralise “the militant groups”.

Moscow and New Delhi have carried out massive joint exercises for several years now, with the latest drills organized in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in 2018. These exercises reportedly involved 14 T-90 tanks, 14 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, and at least 500 troops on the Russian side.