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Global Smartphone sales: Apple 4th, Samsung 1st, Huawei 2nd


CALIFORNIA: While the Smartphone market itself is shrinking, the Apple has moved further down the line of global sales volume.

According to a report by the IHS Markit, Apple fell to 4th place in global smartphone sales, shipping 35.3 million iPhones in the second quarter.

Oppo shipped 36.2 million units, standing at 3rd position.

South Korean consumer electronics titan Samsung remained in 1st place with 23 % of the market, having shipped 75.1 million smartphones.

China’s Huawei stood at 2nd place with 58.7 million smartphones shipments, claiming 18 % of the market.

Jusy Hong, IHS smartphone research and analysis director said, “Apple continues to face challenges in terms of unit shipments, a trend that is unlikely to be fixed soon.”

Apple seems it has a faulty pricing strategy, which has not been corrected so far. While it has been aggressively promoting iPhones. Its current-generation smartphones have “super-premium” prices. Similarly, models a few years old are still costly compared to Android-powered handsets.

Huawei, meanwhile, saw smartphone shipments rise despite the overall market contracting and US-China trade tensions.