Twitter to add new features soon


SAN FRANCISCO: The social media platform, Twitter is in the process of updating its timeline anytime soon. It has reportedly begun testing a new feature that will let users follow a hashtag or topic.

Allowing users to follow topics

The new feature will insert relevant tweets into the user’s main timeline. Earlier, users had to click the app’s “Explore” tab to view what other people have been saying about a specific topic.

While the new feature is only available on Android and is limited to sports-related topics, it will soon be expanded to include other topics, including fandoms; Fans of any particular band or celebrity would not have to manually type a keyword in the search box to find other fans. They can subscribe to the topic and see tweets from other fans of the same band or celebrity on their timelines.

Twitter will pull tweets related to the topic even if it does not mention a certain hashtag. This means that users would not have to search a hashtag one by one to read other people’s tweets.

Users will also be given the option to mute certain topics from appearing on their timelines.

At a press conference Kayvon Beykpour, the product lead at Twitter said, “Just as over the last 13 years you’ve been able to follow accounts or mute accounts, we want to allow our customers to follow topics and mute topics.”

Twitter also recently began testing a way for users to follow individual tweets and read replies from other people.

Still no plans to add the ‘Edit’ button

Replying to a question regarding addition of ‘edit’ button at a press conference at Twitter Headquarter, Beykpour said that he was positive that an edit button will eventually be introduced to the social media platform, he stated that it will not be implemented any time soon.