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PTM, Dr. Fouzia and the new blasphemous agenda


Dr. Fouzia Stanikzai, the Afghan Woman who burnt a copy of the holy Quran, recently made it public that she was a member of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement.

This was revealed in a video clip released on different social media platforms where the US Based Anti-Pakistan Afghan doctor appealed to PTM supporters to come and join the “Jalsa” (long march) the movement has planned to organize in Islamabad.

Over the past year, the plot, narrative and characters behind the so-called Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement were exposed as anti-Pakistan and anti-Army, this latest revelation adds to the long list of controversies the Manzoor Pashteen led movement is a part of. It proves that PTM is not only anti-state but also anti-Islam and given the timing of the video revelation, it can be said that the motive is far sinister than was previously thought of.

While the previous antics by PTM failed in mobilizing the Pashtuns against the state, this latest development is a telling account of how its future plan of action will be.

It seems that a new blasphemous narrative is on the cards of PTM planners as one of its last ditch efforts to spew dark venom into Pakistani society associating Pashtuns directly with blasphemy. Once the venom hits the right spots, i.e the mainstream liberal media houses and social media pages establish and permeate the link between Pashtuns and blasphemy, a strong base to target Pashtuns will be established, thereby creating a sort of moral/ religious imperative to target PTM supports in particular and Pashtuns in general.

It is worthwhile to be reminded that almost similar tactics were used by the murderous gangs of the UK based Altaf Hussain’s Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Karachi where it pitched the Punjabi community against Pashtuns on one hand, while on the other hand target killed members of both communities to give it a sectarian color.

This strategy served anti Pakistan interests well. It not only divided the joint opposition by the Punjabi-Pashtun nexus in Karachi but also aided the brainwashed MQM gangs to target them with ease.

If PTM succeeds in replicating the MQM model, Pashtuns will not only be at the receiving end of criticism, rebuke and harassment at the hands of other ethnicities an religious groups, but it will also allow enemy forces to have a free hand at escalating the ensuing crisis into one of ethnic, religious violence.