PAGE & Oxademy Education UK sign MoU to improve teacher training, girls education


ISLAMABAD: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on Thursday between Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education (PAGE) and Oxademy Education (OxEd) UK.

While ‘Out of school children’ remain one of Pakistan’s most serious challenges, more girls are kept out of school than boys at each level of education. It is estimated that 32% of primary school age girls are out of school in Pakistan, compared to 21 percent of boys. By grade six, 59 % of girls are out of school, versus 49 % of boys. Only 13 % of girls are still in school by ninth grade. Overall, 22.8 million children aged 5-16 do not attend school. This represents 44 % of the total population in this age group.

The problem is worst in the rural areas of Pakistan which lacks proper training of teachers as well as curriculum understanding.

PAGE and Oxademy will collaborate to work on a number of programs to support girls education and leadership development in Pakistan, where their primary focus will be on improving the quality of education being delivered in schools.

Oxademy Education UK will provide its innovative online learning platform called ‘Brekkie Email’ to PAGE in order to support teachers in terms of their training.  PAGE will provide management support as well as curriculum development.

The Strategic partnership will also aim at providing technical support to government teachers and other educational initiatives in urban as well as the rural areas of the country.

The overall aim of the MoU is to establish a long term working relationship to cooperate in a broad range of areas including reducing the gender gap in education and development of collaborative activities to improve Teachers’ Training and enhance the quality of education.