Pakistan to buy 36 Dassault Mirage-V jets from Egypt


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Air Force is expected to seal a contract with Egypt to purchase upgraded Dassault Mirage-V combat aircraft.

The two countries have been negotiating the contract for years and now the final contract may see the light of day.

The Mirage V in question possesses a helmet-mounted display, mission pods, and night strike capability. It is a dedicated ground-attack variant of the Mirage III, with greater space for fuel, in place of avionics.

According to sources, “Negotiations to purchase 36 such aircraft almost reached the final stage.”

These jets were retired from service by the Egyptian Air Force long ago, so Pakistan will have to refurbish them before pressing the aircraft into service. like in the past when it has upgraded dozens of Mirage-III/Vs with Italian radars and other electronics at the Mirage Rebuild Factory, established by the Pakistani Air Force in 1978.

Pakistan’s Air Force has been operating Mirage combat jets for the last five decades. Pakistan has purchased nearly 150 Mirage III/V fighters.