Govt keen on bringing uniform education system, mainstreaming religious schools


ISLAMABAD: In an attempt to provide uniform education system in Pakistan, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) Government has announced to introduce the ‘national curriculum‘ for all the institutes including seminaries. To this effect, radical reforms have been suggested in the education system of the country.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Shafqat Mehmood, Federal Minister for Education said, “Our ministry is preparing the ‘national’ syllabus after taking all the curriculums around the world into its consideration. For those who think the curriculum of O/A levels is the standard, should know that our prepared curriculum will be a top-level one.”

It is pertinent to note that the Educations system in Pakistan is anything but uniform; Several different systems exist at the same time, which not only renders the policy makers strategies ineffective but also creates huge problems of under-employment. Similarly, it also is a breeding ground for anti-state, extremist and propaganda narratives to take roots in the minds of the young ones going to school.

Answering another question on whether the government’s initiative is tied to FATF requirements, he responded, “Pakistan is all set to take action in line with recommendations of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) that declared proscribed organizations operating in Pakistan a ‘high risk’.”

Regarding a question related to mainstreaming of religious seminaries into the federal system of education, he announced, “We will open 12 offices across the country, where old government officials, as well as new people, will be recruited. The budget has also been approved for this project.”

He further added, “the heads of seminaries have requested a duration of four to five years for a complete transition of the system. He assured that the implementation of the process will begin soon. The seminaries which adopt the system at the earliest will be more facilitated by the government.”