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Geneva, PTM and the Indian Propaganda Machinery’s new dis-information campaign against Pakistan.


GENEVA: Indian propaganda machinery is working in full swing these days. While attention of the World community is increasingly focused at Indian atrocities and a long list of human rights violations in both the occupied Kashmir and Assam province, Indian propaganda teams are trying to divert that attention to Pakistan hurling false accusation against its armed forces.

India’s latest propaganda campaign can be witnessed in Geneva. Banners and posters are neatly queued for visitors and delegates attending the 42nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The images, text and other paraphernalia on these banners are drawing quite a negative image of the armed forces of Pakistan and in particular the country’s premier intelligence agency, the ISI. It is full of closed ended messages, whereby, on one hand it is portraying the Pashtuns as a suppressed minority and on the other hand it is accusing the Pakistan Army of the violations of Pashtuns’ rights. Not only that, the poster boy for Pashtun rights, Manzur Pashteen is being presented as the stalwart of this anti-Pakistan campaign.

The banners are prepared and placed by the European Organization for Pakistani Minorities (EOPM), an organization that has a history of blaming the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for all that is wrong with minorities in Pakistan.

Whether it be the case of alleged missing persons, Christians or those accused of violating the blasphemy laws in Pakistan, this shady organization has always twisted the facts, gathered a few so-called activists clad in black shirts and rallying at their favorite spots in the human rights capital of the world, i.e Geneva.

While the organization is non-existant on ground in Pakistan, whose minorities it represents and in Europe, where it portrays it is based at, in actuality it exists only on a few social media pages and physically appears on the sidelines of some major event in Geneva on a minute’s notice. As soon as it gathers, it has a set piece act cast out to play. The organization itself is composed of a bunch of rag tag bloggers, media handlers and paid visitors / attendees well trained at playing the act and driving public attention to its theatrics.

The Indian propaganda machinery not only deploys these organizations to stage a peaceful protest but also helps convert its otherwise innocent looking slogans and calls to action into a well orchestrated smear campaign against Pakistan. While these social media activists help create buzz, Indian media reports them to give it a larger coverage, a perfect model of social and public media triangulation. What seems to be call to action by a bunch of liberal, rights based activists soon mushrooms into a considerably damaging news reports across the human rights corridors, thereby entering the pipeline of viral trends.

Ever since August 5 when India revoked the special status, blacked out all all forms of communication, imposed curfew and imprisoned hundreds of leaders of Kashmir, Pakistan has utilized all channels of support to put pressure on India to de-escalate the situation. Although the response form international circles had initially been rather less satisfactory, yet owing to Pakistan’s consistency, transparency and a well managed communication, activists, lawyers and politicians did start digging into the issue of Kashmir, its current abysmal state and the global fallout of any miscalculation by the extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) backed Modi regime. The world is coming alive to the realization that unless the Kashmir issue is solved, any hopes of global peace will never be materialized and given India’s posturing that dream is moving away every passing day.

At exactly such a moment, the appearance of banners in support of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement, only confirms the fact that India via its showcase Non-government organizations (NGOs) is the real financier and planner of this anti-Pakistan so called Pashtun rights movement. Similarly, by representing Pashtuns as a suppressed minority and by accusing the Pakistan Army of committing these fabricated, totally false anecdotes of human rights violation against Pashtuns at an internationally important location such as Geneva, India is trying to achieve multiple objectives: Pakistan and its institutions are not to be trusted, that any call to international community by Pakistan is questionable and most importantly the world should help the call of PTM and its poster boy Manzur Pashteen.

When these objectives are recombined, they achieve an essentially larger goal, which is to scatter and divert world attention from India’s own diabolic apartheid in both the occupied Kashmir and its Assam province, where its own human rights violations have achieved a scale and depth unknown in history. The entire campaign is propagated by the Indian propaganda machinery as a diversionary strategy to ward off attention from from its constitutional and military high handedness to Hinduize India by crushing all non-Hindu communities in India.