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World Index rubishes ‘Incredible India’, declares India 5th most dangerous country for foreigners


While the Indian media and its film industry have for long been investing millions of dollars into projecting the country as nothing less than ‘Incredible India’, suddenly appears a survey finding that not only rubbishes such claims but also shows the world the real face of India.

The survey findings, published by World Index, ranks India as the most dangerous country for foreign tourists in South Asia. To reach at this conclusion, the organization gauged Indian performance over several important areas or indicators such as art, literature, culture, sports, technology and the military affairs.

Overall, India is ranked as the 5th most dangerous destination for foriegn tourists, while among South Asian countries it is ranked as the most dangerous country.

Since the data is mostly quantitative, based on numbers and figures, World Index corroborated its findings with anecdotes of foreigners who are visiting the country.

In this regard, when a female visitor from Australia was interviewed, she complained that the country is infested with obnoxious levels of pollution, politics and societal problems, something that is not reported much about outside India. Apart from that. she revealed that the general atmosphere towards foreigners is not really friendly.

Similarly, when another female visitor from Canada was interviewed, she revealed that she never felt quite at home in India the way she felt while visiting other countries in the region. She added that there is an overall sense of dread and apprehension in the air as if something out of the blue could happen anytime. She further said that she was most discomforted by the illicit glances from locals and the manner they spoke to her. She also recalled an incident whereby a bunch of Indian men trying to take pictures with her deceived her and even sexually assaulted her.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the World Index International has already ranked India as the most dangerous country for women. The ranking was based on the fact that women in India face an extremely high risk of sexual violence and are most likely to be forced into slave labor.

Foreign visitors are not alone in complaining about the decadent nature of Indian society, particularly when it comes to women. The local women too mostly find themselves on a receiving end of such violence. Not so long ago, while New Delhi was called the rape capital of the world, other Indian cities witnessed rampant cases of rape and violence at public places. While a tremendous hue and cry was raised over the media, the politicians and authorities don’t seem to be much bothered by this as things remain almost the same so far.