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Meet Ese Gelebek, the 126 yr-old Turk to defeat coronavirus

ANKARA: The coronavirus has affected the whole world; many people have suffered from the virus. Some have passed away and some have survived.

Doctors and experts had warned that the virus is particularly dangerous for the elderly and the children. However, when a grandmother from Turkey, namely Ese Gelebek who is 126 years old survived the coronavirus, it shocked many.

Ese Gelebek has 13 children and around 400 grandchildren and lives in Turkey’s southeastern province of Kahramanmaraş.

She doesn’t have any idea of her real age and recovered from the coronavirus after a 2-week treatment in hospital.

Thanking the doctors and the nurses at the hospital, she said, “They took care of me, treated me nicely.”

Hamdullah Gelebek, the youngest child of Granny Eşe explained that organic food is his mother’s secret to a long life. He added, “She has seen the child of the grandchildren of her grandchildren. She formally has 83 grandchildren. However, if you also count their children, the number would be around 400.”

Her helper said, “She spent a week in intensive care unit, and another week in hospital room. After being discharged from hospital, we kept her isolated for two more weeks. Now she is fine.  Thanks to milk, yoghurt and cheese she has eaten her whole life, she has no other health problems.”

Before Eşe Gebelek, it was a 113-year-old woman in Spain’s northeastern province of Girona who was the oldest person to defeat the virus.