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Bald men have a higher risk of getting coronavirus

New Research has claimed that bald men could have a higher risk of developing severe Covid-19 symptoms.

According to Carlos Wambier, a researcher at Brown University, “baldness is a perfect predictor of severity” of coronavirus. These conclusions are based on two studies conducted Prof Wambier in Spain, where ample evidence shows a disproportionate number of bald men were taken to hospital with the virus.

In the study, 41 patients were examined in his first study. 71 % of them had male pattern baldness. In a further study, Professor Wambier found almost 80 % of 122 male Covid-19 patients in Madrid were bald.

He said, “We think androgens or male hormones are definitely the gateway for the virus to enter our cells.”

Meanwhile, other medical professionals have urged caution and said much more evidence is needed to support his claim. Karen Stalbow, for example, who is the head of policy at Prostate Cancer UK, urged caution over such findings.

He said: “There are now several clinical studies starting which hope to address these issues, but much more evidence is needed before we can know whether these hormone therapies would be an effective treatment for Covid-19.”