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Libtards waste no chance to malign Pakistan; Propaganda busted again

ISLAMABAD: It’s a great pity that the so-called liberals / far lefts, senior leaders of one of the oldest political parties and even some media houses do not let go of any opportunity to malign Pakistan and propagate a negative, disheartening image of Pakistan.

While the country was already reeling from the PK-8303 incident that took 97 lives in a most devastating crash in Karachi and the investigation report that confirmed the negligence of the pilots and other operative of the national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), this new wave has further saddened many. The country’s renowned ultra-leftist, Gul Bukhari, Pakistan People Party’s Nafisa Shah and 24 News channel are all directly or indirectly ambassadors of the Pakistan. It does not suit them to cast the country’s image in such a negative light. They not only posted and announced fake news about Kuwait Airlines grounding Pakistan’s pilots and engineers but also denounced anyone who had claimed their claims as baseless.

It not only represents the moral and ethical negligence on the part of these persons and media house(s) but also shows their anti-Pakistan intentions. Rather than confirming their claims, these should have verified them before propagating them. If they wanted to bring pressure on the government or related institutions to bring reforms in PIA, they should have known that the government had for the first time in its history had already published the findings of the investigative report of the PK-8303 crash and has embarked on strict action against the culprits.

With such acts, these liberals, politicians and media houses only confirm that what the many patriots had been informing the nation about these anti-state goons was true and therefore the nation should be warned that anything coming from these or their likes must be taken with a pinch of salt, i,e with a lot of doubt suspicion.  

The most interesting part of this saga is that the Kuwait Airways itself came forward to deny these claims and has given a complete detail of the issue, by completely negating the allegations.