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Pakitan rejects Indian ‘charge sheet’ on Pulwama attack as another propaganda

ISLAMABAD: The so-called ‘charge sheet’ by India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Pulwama attack has been categorically rejected by Pakistan as it called it a fabrication for serving India’s domestic political interests.

The Indian media has much hyped the ’charge sheet in which the NIA which has mischievously attempted to implicate Pakistan in Pulwama attack in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK).

The Pakistan Foreign Office said, “The fabrications in the reported charge sheet have been patently designed to further the BJP’s anti-Pakistan rhetoric and its narrow domestic political interests.”

The statement added, “At the outset, Pakistan had rejected India’s baseless allegations and expressed readiness to extend cooperation on the basis of any actionable information. India failed to provide any credible evidence for its invective and has instead been using the attack for its malicious propaganda campaign against Pakistan.”

The statement further added, “The timing of the Pulwama attack, just 2 months before the Lok Sabha elections in India, and the fact that explosives used in the attack were collected from inside the IIOJK, and the key accused persons in the attack have already been killed by Indian forces, raise too many questions.”

It continued, “The world knows well as to who benefited the most from Pulwama attack and drew electoral dividends. In response to a paper shared by the Indian government following the Pulwama attack, Pakistan constituted a high-level investigation team to examine its contents. As the information provided by India was incomplete, patchy and unsubstantiated, Pakistan shared two aides-memoir, seeking further information and supporting evidence from India. India has been unable to provide any corroboration of its unfounded allegations.”

It reiterated, “India cannot mislead the world community with its motivated propaganda. Indian allegations against Pakistan seek to divert attention from India’s state-terrorism in IIOJK, grave human rights violations of the Kashmiri people under Indian occupation, and the RSS-BJP regime’s mishandling of domestic issues,” the Foreign office said. “Pakistan has been forewarning the international community about India’s use of false flag operation and possible ill-conceived misadventure.”