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Why is Mohsin dawar confused, is this about time to either choose parliamentary politics or resistance of streets?

By: Abdullah Jan Sabir

National Assembly member Mohsin Dawar tweeted that he is a member of the PTM Core Committee and that PTM is not a political party, they never do politics. Mohsin Dawar says that he independently participated in Pakistan Democratic Movement.

Mohsin Dawar’s Twitters reflects his confused mind because when Mohsin Dawar was the youth leader of the Awami National Party, he was trying to find ways for his own projection and development that were short and easy.  While with emergence of PTM, Mohsin Dewar’s dream came true.

PTM member Mohsin Dawar started his activities under the umbrella of the movement and took part in every activity of the PTM. With the passage of time, national elections came. Opportunist Mohsin Dawar participated in elections from the platform of PTM and was elected as member of National Assembly.

Mohsin Dawar is currently a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and has submitted a number of bills to the Assembly for the enactment of the law, which confirms that Mohsin Dawar is a strong member of Parliament and a member of the Assembly formed under the Constitution of Pakistan and that he also receives a salary as a member.

A meeting of the Core Committee, chaired by Manzoor Pashtun, the leader of the PTM, recently decided that whoever is involved in politics or participating in Pakistan’s political activities will not have  any kind of connection with the PTM. Manzoor Pashtun also wrote on social media that Mohsin Dawar is no more affiliated with the PTM.

According to the constitution of the PTM, written under the leadership of Manzoor Pashtun, the PTM and has nothing to do with politics. If so, how did Mohsin Dawar come to politics? How is he sitting in the National Assembly? And that how is he participating in the political movement i.e. PDM? If Mohsin Dawar says that he is a member of the PTM Core Committee, then Manzoor Pashtun has repeatedly said that none of our members can do politics.

Mohsin Dawar either leaves the PTM alliance because they do not do politics and that he is a member of the National Assembly or he should leave politics to make his movement successful. But he wants to continue both and can leave none of both to take benefits from both sides.

Opportunist Mohsin Dawar is trying to keep himself in the political arena because he does not see his future in the PTM and that is why he has clashed with PTM leader Manzoor Pashtun several times. While he also cannot leave PTM.

Looking at Mohsin Dawar’s past, his tweets were opposing to what he used to say at the PTM rallies today. Mohsin Dawar has repeatedly tweeted that drone strikes are a unique way to end terrorism.

He previously tweeted that terrorists have been targeted in all the major attacks in the tribal areas, so there is no case in which innocent tribesmen have been killed. He also praised the then COAS Raheel Sharif. In short, Mohsin Dawar is an opportunist politician who uses the name of the nation, the soil and his leaders to his advantage and, if necessary, moves forward in the company of the enemy, but does not waste a single moment that he can take advantage of


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