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What was the purpose of the PTM Chaman rally? Secrets revealed

Chaman is a significant employment trade border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. A few days ago, PTM staged a protest to provoke a dispute over the border and incited the members to launch a provocation against Pakistani security forces.

The PTM leaders raised Afghan flags at the protest rally and abused Pakistani security and administrative agencies and said that smuggling will be carried on at the Chaman border and we will resist those who stop them.

Immediately after the PTM protest rally, the smugglers from Afghanistan and Pakistan started acting as if the plan was already completed and they were just waiting for the protest rally. Yesterday, smugglers and PTM members attacked the Pakistan FC and other government offices along the border at Chaman and injured government and security officials.

In response, Pakistani security forces launched an operation against them and fired shots in the air. They fired tear gas and some rubber bullets to reduce the force, injuring one person. PTM did their best to harm the nation for the anti-state agents. It is a pity that now the PTM leaders on Twitter and other social media are once again trying to mislead the Pakhtuns and spread false propaganda.


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