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Whose “Bahadur Bacha” Is Rao Anwar? PTM’s only aim is to target Pakistan security forces

With the passage of time, the PTM is losing its purpose of formation and their leaders seem to be taking advantage of whatever field they see as an opportunity, that is why the purpose of PTM that existed at the beginning of this movement is no more.

PTM which was started after Rao Anwar martyred Naqibullah Mehsud in Karachi. The leaders of the PTM said that our aim is never to target state institutions but to demand the rights of Pashtuns and those who do more with them. We consider it our responsibility to fight back.

While the passage of time, the purpose of the PTM starting deviating and they started targeting state institutions. Thus, the purpose of the PTM started to reveal that they are working for the anti-state agencies to make disturbance in Pakistan and Pashtuns.

The Pashtuns joined hands with PTM for the cause of justice for Naqibullah Mehsud and demanded that Rao Anwar should be given punishment. While on the other hand the PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari called Rao Anwar as their “Brave Child”. Which revealed that Rao Anwar was backed by PPP in killing Pashtuns. And for that reason, PTM started their movement to speak against those involved in targeting Pashtuns. But now, after gaining the attention of the Pashtuns, they deviated from their main demands and started targeting the state and institutions.

In a recent rally in Karachi, the PTM was expected to speak against Rao Anwar and those who called him Brave Child i.e. PPP leadership. But PTM did not speak a single word against the supports of the Rao Anwar.

Mohsin Dawar, PTM leader and member of the National Assembly, once again sharply criticized the Pakistan Army and other security agencies and targeted them, saying that Rao Anwar a cowardly child of GHQ and Ranger despite knowing that Zardari called him as their Brave child.

Mohsin Dawar’s statement was a clear manifestation of hatred against the Pakistani authorities and the land because he did not mention the PPP or Asif Ali Zardari.

In short, Mohsin Dawar and the PTM aim only to disgrace the Pakistan and her institutions, they want the Pakistani military and other security agencies to be discredited in the eyes of the general public and all Pakistanis know that their goal is supported by anti-Pakistan agencies i.e. RAW and NDS.

Pashtuns should wake up and should know PTM is a movement formed by the enemies of Pakistan and their aim is to present a negative image of Pakistan to the world, for this purpose they are trying to use Pashtuns and promote terrorism in the tribal areas.


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