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Mohsin Dawar denied false propaganda of PTM members that Ali Wazir’s life is in danger

PTM leader Ali Wazir is currently jailed in Karachi accused of desecration the State and state institutions during rallies held at different parts of the country.

Internationally, the law and constitution of any country prohibits anyone from desecrating its state or institutions, or from inciting the local population against the government and security agencies. So, in the case of Pakistan, such attempts are completely banned.

Despite the legal and constitutional ban, attempts were made at the Karachi rally held by the PTM leaders to undermine Pakistan’s security, and PTM leader Ali Wazir in his speech insulted the state and state institutions.

Cases were filed against Ali Wazir, including Sec135A, Sec, 120B, Sec505, Sec188, Sec506 and Sec34 based on the relevant crimes made by him on different occasions.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police arrested Ali Wazir at the request of Sindh Government, and he is currently jailed at Karachi.

On the other hand, PTM members are propagating false news that government was trying to kill Ali Wazir with corona virus and his life is in threat.

On the other hand, PTM leader and National Assembly member Mohsin Dawar said in his Twitter message that Ali Wazir is well. He said that Asif Mehsud of PTM has met Ali Wazir.

For the past two days, PTM members have been spreading fake propaganda and trying to launch a campaign against the Pakistani government with the arrest of Ali Wazir, which will promote their false propaganda. The propaganda has been spread by anti-Pakistan media (Voice of America, Diva, BBC, Mashal Radio) and many other channels.


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