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RAW attempts to prove death of Karima Baloch as natural

The news of Karima Baloch’s death came yesterday after her dead body was found in Toronto, Canada. Karima Baloch was an Anti-Pakistan activist and remained as chairperson of Baloch Students organization (BSO-Azad). BSO-Azad has always remained under the influence of Baloch Separatists.

While in recent report of EU-DisInfo Lab, Karima Baloch and her organization Baloch students Organization was mentioned as part of the Indian Chronicles Programs initiated by India to spread worldwide false propaganda against Pakistan.

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After this report, RAW started targeting their agents involved in their Indian Chronicles program to remove their evidences. After this information revealed, Canadian Police, under the influence of India and Indian Agencies, is trying to prove her death as natural.

While, sharing this information, famous Political & Defense Analyst for South Asia shared on twitter that RAW is killing their assets after EU disinfo report which expose Indian state sponsor terrorism.

He said that Karima baloch was playing in the hand of RAW. Now she had been exposed so RAW is cleaning it’s mess.


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