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EuDisinfo Lab declared PTM a propaganda movement of Indian Chronicle. Is VOA part of Indian Chronicles as they promote PTM’s narrative?

After the EuDisInfo Lab exposed the Indian Chronicle Program, many other revelations begun to expose. EuDisInfo Lab has exposed that India operates funded movements in Pakistan. And these movements also include Pashtun Tahafuz Movement. The aim is to discredit Pakistan and its institutions. The report says that movements like PTM, that operates under Indian Chronicle, are propagated through funded media outlets. After this research, another revelation came to light

Whenever PTM, the funded movement of the Indian Chronicle, holds its rallies, VOA propagates their rallies. This was admitted by Mohsin Dawar himself. And he called VOA Deewa a friend of the PTM. Voice of America, on the other hand, has always been at the forefront of spreading false propaganda of the Indian Chronicle movement PTM. The movement which was declared as part of the Indian Chronicle by the international organization. The Voice of America itself promotes the movement.

Why does VOA promote the movement of Indian Chronicle?

Is this the evidence that VOA itself is part of the Indian Chronicle?

On other hand, the European Parliament itself has taken notice of the Indian Chronicle program. The ugly face of India and her movement PTM has already been exposed. Now her other supporters will soon be exposed.


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