Protesting over the dead bodies of Terrorists become a trend in PTM politics

North Waziristan: In Pakistan, it has become a trend to hold sit-ins along with dead bodies to meet the demands. Same politics is always followed by Anti-state Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM). No one wants incidents of terrorism, but the whole business and propaganda of PTM revolves around the politics over the dead bodies of terrorists.

In a recent incident, two terrorists including wanted TTP terrorist Ashrafullah, were killed in a security operation in Muhammad Khel, a village in Boya area of North Waziristan. Similarly, an operation was conducted in Devagarh area of Miranshah. The terrorists started firing on the security forces, in which three soldiers were injured. In retaliation, a key TTP commander Zahid was also killed. Heavy weapons were also recovered from the terrorists on the occasion while the operation was carried out in the presence of tribal elders who appreciated the elimination of terrorist hideouts by the security forces. While the Taliban spokesman also later admitted that his men had been killed.

To take advantage of this opportunity and following their politics over dead bodies of terrorists, the PTM members picked up the body of the terrorist and spread the propaganda among the people that a young man had been killed by the security forces. The PTM has always been a supporter and facilitator of terrorists so that all the blame can be laid on the forces of Pakistan. The incident took place in front of the locals of the area and the Taliban also confirmed the death of their members. Despite this, the sit-in for terrorists is evidence of PTM’s anti-national and anti-military propaganda.