Mohsin Dawar is following the footsteps of Indian Media through his subversive narrative

The Indian media is known all over the world for spreading false propaganda. It has become the way of the Indian media to make false claims based on a false and ridiculous statement. Recently, Arnab Goswami, the anchor of Indian Republic Media claimed in his program that Pakistani intelligence officers are staying on the fifth floor of Serena Hotel in Kabul. However, the investigation revealed that the Kabul Serena Hotel is only two floors high. Similarly, sometimes the Indian media spreads anti-Pakistan propaganda by sharing video game footage and sometimes through edited images.

The same style of Indian media is being adopted by the leaders of Indian-sponsored movements in Pakistan. Recently, Mohsin Dawar published an article in “The Diplomat” which contained nothing but propaganda against Pakistan. Mohsin Dawar himself was the leader of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), which operates under the Indian Chronicles. According to the international organization EU-Dis Info Lab, hundreds of websites under the Indian Chronicles publish false propaganda against Pakistan. Mohsin Dawar, after utilizing PTM platform for anti-state activities, recently left the movement and established his own political party named National Democratic Movement (NDM).

Mohsin Dawar claims in his article that “the gleeful statements of support for the Taliban by Pakistani officials are beyond shameful”. While the fact is that Pakistan has from the very beginning played a mediating role in promoting peace in Afghanistan. From Afghan peace process to the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan has played an important and positive mediating role.

First, Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to Afghanistan was appreciated at the international level. Meanwhile, world leaders also endorsed Pakistan’s positive role in withdrawing from Afghanistan. Kristalina, Managing Director of the IMF, thanked Pakistan for the safe withdrawal of IMF staff from Afghanistan. Similarly, the Director of the World Food Program, the President of the Asian Development Bank and the heads of several countries personally thanked Pakistan. This shows that how the positive role of Pakistan in Afghanistan is recognized and appreciated by international community.

Similarly, Mohsin Dawar claims that the TTP has again involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. However, the fact is that Mohsin Dawar himself has been supporting the TTP since he was PTM leader. Whenever Pakistan’s security forces conduct operations against TTP terrorists, Mohsin Dawar himself and other PTM members used to stand in the way of the operations. Not only that, but they also harbor TTP terrorists in their homes.

Mohsin Dawar, after using PTM platform against the solidarity of Pakistan, has formed his own political party. When he was in the PTM, the PTM itself was a movement operating under the Indian Chronicle, and now Mohsin Dawar’s new party, the NDM, is a political form of the same propaganda.


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