Mohsin Dawar uses govt school for own political purpose, NDM organized Jalsa at Govt School Hassu Khel, North Waziristan

North Waziristan: After establishing peace in tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, security agencies and the government are taking steps to improve education in these areas. While Mohsin Dawar, a member of the National Assembly and leader of the National Democratic Movement is using these schools for his own political purposes.

A political gathering of the National Democratic Movement (NDM) led by Mohsin Dawar was held at Government School Hassu Khel in Mirali village of North Waziristan tribal on Monday.

Mohsin Dawar has been criticized by social media users and locals for organizing the Jalsa at Government School, saying that the war on terror has passed in our area, our children have been deprived of education and now it is time for peace. While the security agencies have paid special attention to education, then some politicians and enemies of the country like Mohsin Dawar are holding political gathering in these educational institutions, which is reprehensible.

It is to be noted that Mohsin Dawar himself said in a number of protest rallies that there is a lack of educational facilities in the tribal districts and our children want education. However, government and security agencies have taken many steps to promote education in these areas and Mohsin Dawar himself is utilizing government schools for his political purposes.

Following the NDM meeting, social media users also lashed out at the provincial government and the education minister, saying that Mohsin Dawar was misusing educational institutions and that legal action should be taken against him. This is because such illegal efforts can have a negative effect on educational development of tribal districts.