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Rescue 1122 conducts first aid medical training for students, Bajaur

Bajaur: Under the supervision of District Emergency Officer Muhammad Saad Khan, basic training is being imparted in schools across the district to create awareness about first aid.

In this regard, at the request of Elementary and Secondary Education department, Rescue 1122 Training Wing Team conducted a basic training session on fire safety and first aid to the students of Tehsil Mamond Middle School.

The training provided students and teachers with basic life support, fire safety and practical training in dealing with natural disasters.

The Rescue 1122 Training Wing team stressed the importance of first aid to the students and said that the role of the people present at the time of any accident is very basic and key. If the first responder provides better first aid to the patient, the chances of survival increase.

At the end of the training, the students and teachers thanked the Rescue 1122 Bajaur team for providing useful and modern training.