Army Chief Affirms Unbreakable Bond between Pakistan’s People and Armed Forces

In a recent address to officers at the Command and Staff College in Quetta, Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir reaffirmed the unwavering bond between the people of Pakistan and its armed forces. He asserted that those attempting to undermine this unbreakable connection and weaken the country would never succeed in their futile efforts.

General Asim expressed his gratitude to the valiant and proud people of Pakistan, acknowledging their unique and heartfelt love for the armed forces. He praised their recent demonstration of support, which served as a resounding response to the malicious intentions of the nation’s adversaries.

Emphasizing the importance of operational preparedness, the COAS stressed the need to be ready for conventional, sub-conventional, and 5th Generation Warfare. He highlighted the significance of staying vigilant and well-prepared in the face of evolving challenges.

General Asim also pointed out the exposed nexus between internal collusive elements and external forces, highlighting their attempts to create instability within Pakistan. However, he reassured the nation that the Pakistan Army enjoys unwavering support from its proud citizens and cannot be deterred or coerced by anyone.