39th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star: Sikh Community in India Seeks Justice and Pursues Khalistan

Today marks 39th anniversary of the tragic event called Operation Blue Star.

The operation, which began on June 2, 1984, saw the Indian army supported by tanks and artillery guns, launching an attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Thousands of Sikhs, including innocent pilgrims, were massacred during the assault, which also left the holiest shrine in ruins. The report asserts that despite the passage of nearly four decades, the victims of Operation Blue Star and those affected by the subsequent anti-Sikh riots are still awaiting justice.

Sikh leaders and activists strongly condemn Operation Blue Star, referring to it as the “Ghallughara” or holocaust of the Sikhs. They remember their revered leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, who played a pivotal role in awakening Sikhs against perceived Indian imperialism. The report highlights the draconian media restrictions imposed by Indian authorities at the time to conceal the atrocities committed during the operation.

According to the report, Operation Blue Star was not only aimed at killing Sikhs but also intended to desecrate their holiest religious site, inflicting deep psychological scars on the Sikh community. In response, many Sikhs resigned from their positions and returned the awards they had received from the Indian government in protest against the attack on the Golden Temple.

The assault on their holiest shrine further strengthened the belief among Sikhs that their future within India was not secure, leading to an intensified demand for a separate homeland known as Khalistan. The report emphasizes that the idea of Khalistan is revitalized every year on the anniversary of the Golden Temple massacre in June.

Brave members of the Sikh community remain resolute in their pursuit of justice and the establishment of Khalistan. They view their struggle against India as a battle against Hindutva hegemony, vowing not to let Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s alleged hegemonic designs succeed.

As the wounds of Operation Blue Star continue to affect the Sikh community, they persist in their fight for justice and self-determination. The report sheds light on their ongoing struggle and amplifies their voices in the quest for a separate Khalistan.