Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to Launch Economic Survey Unveiling Socio-Economic Achievements

Islamabad is gearing up for the launch of the much-anticipated Economic Survey, which will showcase the major socio-economic accomplishments of the outgoing fiscal year. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will preside over the launching ceremony, where the comprehensive report will be unveiled, shedding light on key economic trends and performance indicators across multiple sectors.

The Economic Survey, set to be released tomorrow in Islamabad, will offer detailed insights into the developments and growth witnessed in various sectors of the economy. Agriculture, manufacturing, industry, services, energy, information technology and telecom, capital markets, health, education, transport, and communication are among the sectors covered in the survey. The report aims to present an accurate and comprehensive picture of the economic landscape, reflecting the progress achieved in each domain.

Crucial economic indicators such as inflation, trade and payments, public debt, population, employment, climate change, and social protections will also be thoroughly examined and analyzed in the Economic Survey. The report will provide an in-depth assessment of these indicators, allowing policymakers, economists, and the general public to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country’s economic performance.