President Arif Alvi Emphasizes Food Safety Standards on World Food Safety Day

In honor of World Food Safety Day, President Arif Alvi of Pakistan delivered a compelling message, urging citizens to prioritize food safety by adhering to established standards. Recognizing the crucial role of safe food in leading an active and healthy life, the President emphasized the importance of nutritional and secure food in tackling malnutrition, stunting, and preventing foodborne illnesses.

Addressing the nation on this significant occasion, President Arif Alvi underscored the critical need to ensure food safety throughout the country. He highlighted that adhering to food safety standards could not only contribute to better health outcomes for individuals but also bolster Pakistan’s overall development.

President Alvi called upon all stakeholders, including government bodies, regulatory authorities, food producers, and consumers, to work together in upholding food safety practices. He stressed the importance of implementing stringent regulations and guidelines at every stage of the food supply chain, from production to consumption.