Iran’s president and Saudi crown prince discuss Israel-Hamas conflict

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman engaged in their first-ever phone conversation since the recent restoration of diplomatic ties between the two regional powers.

This significant dialogue, which lasted approximately 45 minutes, centered on the critical issue of Palestine and garnered considerable attention on the international stage.
Saudi state news agency SPA said that MBS stressed the “necessity of adhering to the principles of international humanitarian law and expressed deep concern for the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and its impact on civilians.”

The Saudi crown prince also said the kingdom was exerting “maximum effort to engage with all international and regional parties to halt the ongoing escalation,” SPA said.

The two leaders’ talks came as Israel carried out air raids on Gaza for a fourth consecutive day following Hamas’s multipronged attack inside Israel over the weekend.
More than 1,200 Palestinians in Gaza and 1,300 people in Israel have been killed in the violence so far, according to Palestinian and Israeli officials.