Pakistan Initiates Grand Operation Against Illegal Immigrants as Deadline Looms

Operation has been prepared to address the issue of illegal immigrants who have been residing in the country. The government had set a deadline of October 31 for these undocumented individuals to leave. As the deadline is near, the process of repatriating illegal immigrants continues.

So far, more than 51,000 Afghan nationals have returned to their home country via the border. The authorities have collected data on all individuals who did not meet the deadline, including both men and women. These individuals will be placed under custody as bail is not an option for those who violate immigration laws.

The Army Chief emphasized that there would be no compromise on security and safety concerns while executing this operation. Strict actions have been ordered against all illegal immigrants, underscoring the importance of this decision in light of Pakistan’s economic and security conditions.

This development represents a significant step in addressing the issue of illegal immigration in Pakistan and underscores the government’s commitment to safeguarding its borders and maintaining security and order within the country.