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Why was Maria B’s husband arrested ?

LAHORE: In the latest video going viral on the social media landscape of Pakistan, the famous designer, Maria B can be seen ranting against the arrest of her husband Tahir Saeed and hurling all kinds of abuses against Law Enforcement agencies of the country.

What really happened? & Why did Lahore Police arrested Mr. Tahir Saeed, has a lot to do with the latest epidemic to have hit the world. Yes, it’s related to the Coronavirus.

According to Police reports, Omar Farooq, a servant of Maria B had symptoms of the COVID-19 virus for which the family had tested the servant from a private laboratory. Having found the test results positive, the family sent the servant on leave, back to his hometown without contacting the authorities and sending him to a hospital.

Meanwhile the laboratory, as a standard operating procedure (SOP) given to them by the Government informed the Health Department. The department, in turn activated authorities to trace, locate and get hold of the virus career. When the Police tracked the records, they were led to Mr. Irfan Saeed, the husband of Maria B.

On interrogation, it was revealed that the servant Omar Farooq was sent to Vehari by Mr. Tahir Saeed. It was later found that the health of the servant had gotten worse during the journey. Also, he had changed two buses to reach his home, where he had even interacted with several of his family members without taking any precautionary measures. Mr. Tahir Saeed was arrested because he had put the lives of the public in danger and God knows how many people would have been infested with the virus.

This is the official version of the story while the designer Maria B has something very different to say. She accuses the LEAs of arresting her barging in their house and arresting her husband without any warrant etc. She even pleads to the Prime Minister to release her husband.

Based on the narration of events presented above, it can be said that this is a case of sheer negligence on the part of Mr. Tahir Saeed, who not only ignored the instructions by the authorities to collaborate in curbing the virus but also risked the lives of hundreds of people who had traveled with his servant while en route to his hometown.