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Govt reduces gas rates to tandoors


ISLAMABAD: The government on Wednesday withdrew up to 45 per cent increase in gas prices for tandoors to reduce the prices of naan and chapatti to old rates.

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet will manage the gas price reduction by giving a subsidy of Rs. 1.51 billion to Sui Southern Gas Company Limited and Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited to compensate them for the losses due to reduced gas sale rates.

The vendors had started selling the naan in the range of Rs12 to Rs15 in different cities of the country, up from Rs10. Similarly, roti was being sold for Rs.10 to Rs.12, while its previous rate was Rs.7 to Rs. 8.

The ECC meeting also called for effective price control by provincial governments and relevant authorities to ensure that prices are followed strictly.  It decided to review the decision after 3 months to see whether the benefit of the reduced gas prices is passed on to the consumer or not.