Millions of Muslims travel to Mount Arafat on 2nd day of Hajj


Today, marks the 9th day of the Islamic month of Zilhajj and the 2nd day of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage of Muslims.

This day, millions of Muslims from around the world take a journey from Mina to Mount Arafat on the second day of the holy Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. After a day of praying at the holy mount, they will move to Muzdalifah.

Mount Arafat is the place where the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) delivered his final sermon.

On this day, the Kiswah, the cloth that covers the Kaabah is drapped every year.

Last year, Hajj attracted the largest turnout of people in the world, with at least two million pilgrims participating in the annual march around the Kaaba in the Masjid al-Haram Mosque.