CAA installs 9 high tech radars at different Airports


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has installed 9 high-tech surveillance radars at multiple airports across the country to protect the airspace against any misadventures.

While some of the new radar systems have been installed at airports in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, others are installed in key locations across the Lakpass, Rojhan and Pasni regions of Balochistan. These radas are equipped with advanced technology that will identify and locate aircrafts from a great distance.

Three stations have been refurbished with primary surveillance facilities, while the remaining six radars are powered with secondary surveillance facilities, which have been manufactured in the Czech Republic and Spain.

These radar systems are fully integrated with the Central Air Traffic Management System. An official from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) revealed that the installation of these 9 wide-range radars will enhance airport security, which is imperative given the ongoing tensions.

This development comes in the wake of escalating tensions between Indian and Pakistan over the situation in Kashmir.